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Welfare schemes/concessions from service HQS to service personnel/ESM,widows and dependents.

1.Benefits to Ex-servicemen (Superannuated/ Boarded Out) S. No. Description Amount entitled Processed By A Service Pension As per Rules CDA(P) Allahabad B Commutation of Pension 50% of Basic Pension CDA(P) Allahabad C Retirement Gratuity Length of Service CDA(P) Allahabad D Final settlement of Accounts As per contribution PAO/CDA(O) E AFPP/DSOP Fund As per contribution PAO/CDA (0) F […]

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Welfare Schemes/Concessions From Service HQs

Benefits: Disabled Soldiers Invalided/Boarded out of service. In addition to benefits mentioned at Para 1 above, following benefits are applicable for disabled soldiers invalided/boarded out of service S. No. Description Amount entitled Processed By A(i) EX-GRATIA NATIONAL DEFENCE FUND FOR OP VIJAY (KARGIL) ONLY   Aa More than 75% disability Rs. 6.00 lacs   AG’s Branch(R&W Sec)  Ab […]

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Financial Assistance Provided By The KSB Through AFFDF/RMDF/DMACP

Financial Assistance From Armed Forces Flag Day Fund 1.Health care: For serious ailments financial assistance of up to 90% and 75% of maximum Rs.1,25,000/- for PBOR and officers respectively, is being provided by KSB to the non pensioners only. Rs. 75000/- per year is provided by dialysis and cancer. Details are as follows:- (a)The Financial […]

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Central Government Concession and Benefits available to war widows/war disabled and retired/serving Defence personnel

CENTRAL GOVERNMENT CONCESSIONS AND BENEFITS AVAILABLE TO WAR WIDOWS /WAR DISABLED AND RETIRED/ SERVING DEFENCE PERSONNEL Educational concessions: Education concessions which were till now admissible to the children of Armed forces personnel killed/ missing or permanently disable in 1962, 1965, 1971 wars, Op PAWAN and MEGHDOOT have now been extended to the children of the […]

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Prime Ministers scholarship scheme under National Defence Fund

Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme Introduction Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme was introduced from the Academic year 2006-07. To encourage higher technical and professional education for the dependent wards and widows of Ex Servicemen / Ex Coast Guard personnel (below officer rank only). Scholarships Available A total number of 5500 scholarships are allotted in each academic year. […]

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Benefits Provided By Naval HQs

BENEFITS PROVIDED BY INDIAN NAVY General Under the umbrella of Directorate of Naval Education various programs are offered to Naval widows and wives/dependents of Serving and Retd Naval person-nel. The details of the programmes are given in succeeding paragraphs. IGNOU Navy Education Project (INEP) IGNOUhas offered followingcourses under INEP : Ser Course Name Duration Eligibility […]

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Benefits Provided by AIR HQs

BENEFITS PROVIDED BY INDIAN AIRFORCE TATA Defence Welfare Corpus Scheme.TATA Defence Welfare CorpusScheme was created under the aegis of Army Central Welfare Fund to provide grant for higher education to widows and children of service personnel killed in operations and wives and children of service personnel disabled in operations and all armed conflicts. The maximum […]

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Benefits provided by KSB

Financial Assistance from Raksha Mantri’s Discretionary Fund (RMDF): The financial assistance to be provided to needy Ex-servicemen, widow and their wards from RMDF for various purposes as indicated below:- Purpose of Grant Amount(Rs.) Eligibility Penury Grant: one time grant for all categories 30,000   Penury Grant for all Old ESM and Disabled Children ESM/Widows in […]