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Central Government Concession and Benefits available to war widows/war disabled and retired/serving Defence personnel


  1. Educational concessions: Education concessions which were till now admissible to the children of Armed forces personnel killed/ missing or permanently disable in 1962, 1965, 1971 wars, Op PAWAN and MEGHDOOT have now been extended to the children of the Armed Forces personnel killed/ declared missing or permanently disable during all post MEGHDOOT operations in India and abroad including counter Insurgency operation, vide GOI, MOD letter No. 9 (1) /703/Edu Concessions/ D (Res) dated 06th August 03.
  2. Claims for reimbursement of above concessions in case of eligible children studying in Government recognized public/ private institutes were being admitted by AG’s Branch, Army HQ whereas claim for children studying in central/ state Government institutes out of the grants received from States. Consequent to issue of revised policy letter cited all claims will now be submitted to ceremonial and welfare Dte/ CW-3, AG’s Branch, Army headquarters, south block New Delhi -110011 for reimbursement .
  3. Admission into MBBS / BDS college: At present around 30 seats in MBBS and 1-3 seats BDS (subject to allotment by Min. of Health) as Central Government nominee are available through KSB for wives/ widows and words of categories of Defence personnel in the following order of priority :-
    (a) Killed in action
    (b) Disable in action & boarded out from service.
    (c) Died while in service with death attributable to military service.
    (d) Disabled in service and boarded out with disability attributed to military services.
    (e) Gallantry Award / Distinguished service Award
  4. Priority Allotment of seats in IITs : A joint entrance examination is conducted every year by the six IITs for admission to the IITs at Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Banaras Hindu University Institute of Technology and Roorkee. Two seats in the above institutes are and earmarked for preferential allotment of choice of stream to children of the Defence/Para Military Force personnel killed or permanently disabled in action. Such candidates are however required to qualify in the joint entrance examination.
  5. Rail Travel Concession: Government of India have announced free rail travel in I-Class/II-AC Class to the recipients of PVC, Ashok Chakra, MVC, Kirti Chakra, VrC and Shourya Chakra and the widows of posthumous winners of these Gallantry Awards along with a companion. (Ministry of Railway letter No. E(WO 96PS 5-6/22 Dated 23 feb 96). The same facilities available through Railway authourities .
  6. 75 percent concession in rail fare travel in II Class is available to War widows including those of IPKF and Kargil casualties. This concession can be availed on production of the I-Card issued by the KSB.
  7. Air Travel Concession. Following Categories of personnel are eligible to the following concession in fare of Air Travel in domestic flights of the Indian Airlines.
    (a) 75% concession to recipients of the Gallantry awards of class I & II viz, PVC, Ashok Chakra, MVC, Kirti Chakra, Victoria Cross, George Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Military Cross, Distinguished flying Cross and George Medal.
    (b) 50% concession to permanently disabled officers who have been invalidated out of service and the dependant members of their families.
    (c) 50% concession to War widows of post Independence era.


  1. Canteen Facilities: In accordance with Army Order AO 32/84, Ex-servicemen and their families and Ex-Defence personnel with minimum 5 years of service are entitled to CSD (1) Canteen facilities available in units/ establishments. Cadets/ Recruits boarded out on medical grounds are also entitled avail CSD facilities.
  2. Telephone Facilities: The following categories of subribers are exempted from payment of registration charges and installation charges for priority telephones connection under Non-OYT/ Special Category and are entitled to 50% concession in normal rental charges. However, Gallantry Award Winners are entitled to full concession in normal rental charges. (Authority: Ministry of Communication (department of Telecom Services) Letter No. 2-47/92-PHA dated 19 March 93 circular No. 7/2000 dated 13 June 2000 and 2.47/92 PHA dt . 18 September 2000):-

(a) Gallantry Award Winners in the three Services ( PVC, Ashok Chakra, MVC, KC, VrC, & SC)

(b) War Widows.

(c) Disabled Soldiers.