flag day

  1. ‘Seventh December’ each year is observed as the ‘Armed Forces Flag Day’. The Day celebrated throughout the country to honour the martyrs and the men uniform, who valiantly fought on our borders to safeguard the countries honour. The Flag Day gives us an opportunity to contribute most generously to the Armed Forces Flag Day fund.
  2. A concentrated effort is made on this day to raise collections from the public. The significance of the Day is brought home through electronic and print media. In some places, Armed Forces formations and units also arrange variety shows, carnivals, dramas and other entertainment programmes. Token Flags and Car Stickers under the aegis of DGR are distributed to the public throughout the country. Voluntary Contribution
  3. Contribution from public continues to be accepted throughout the year. The fund is operated by Managing Committee, presided over by the Raksha Mantri at the Centre and the Governor/Lt. Governor at the State/UT level. Welfare scheme.
  4. Kendriya Sainik Board has to its credit a number of ‘Welfare Schemes’ for Ex-servicemen, widows and wards of retired Defence personnel.