ECHS Polyclinic was established in Panaji under the aegis of Station HQ Panaji in April 2004. ECHS is a comprehensive medical care scheme covering all diseases including cardiac, renal, joint replacement, cancer and many others. It provides benefits to the complete spectrum of ESM pensioners settled in far flung areas of the state.

An important aspect of ECHS is that it not only covers the Ex-servicemen pensioners, but also family pensioners & widows who are in receipt of pension thereby ensuring their medical care, even in absence of pensioner. The eligibility criteria for becoming the member of ECHS is that he must be an Ex-servicemen who has served in the Armed Forces of India in any rank and be receipt of pension / family pension / disability pension paid by the Government as also his / her dependents, which includes spouse, legitimate children and wholly dependent parents.

ECHS is a contributory scheme. On retirement, each pensioner from 01 Apr 2004 will compulsorily become members, either by paying a one time contribution or in three consecutive yearly installments. Contribution will be according to the table given below :-

The subscription rates for ECHS have been revised w.e.f. 01 Jun 2009 as under:-

The Contribution amount now has been linked with Grade pay drawn at the time of retirement instead of uncommuted basic pension / family pension. The features / Conditions of the revised rates in ECHS would be as follows:-

(a) Contribution made by the ESM pensioner would be as applicable in the Grade pay at the time of retirement.
(b) Any ESM pension/ family pensioners who entitled to avail ECHS facility and has not become member of ECHS, the rate of contribution in such cases will be with reference to the grade pay that the ESM pensioner would have drawn in the rank / post held by him (at the time of his retirement / death) had he continued to he in service now but for his retirement / death.