central government Welfare Schemes

Centarl Govt. Concessions and benefits


  Description  Amount  Processed by  
1   Liberalised Special Family Pension Last Pay CDA (P) Allahabad 
2   Ex-Gratia (01 Jan 2017 onwards)        
     (a)Death due to accident in course of duty Rs. 25 lacs Record Office/ 
     (b)Death attributable to acts of violence by Rs. 25 lacs MP-6 (for Offrs) 
     terrorists etc.        
     (c)Death during enemy action in war of        
     border skirmishes or in action against militants, Rs. 35 lacs    
     terrorists etc.        
     (d)Death accruing while on duty in specified        
     high altitude, inaccessible border posts etc. on Rs. 35 lacs CDA (P) Allahabad 
     account of national disaster, extreme weather        
     conditions etc.        
     (e)Death during enemy action in war or war        
     like engagements specifically notified. Rs. 45 lacs    
     (Revised rates wef 01 Jan 2016)     
3   Air Travel Concession      CW-3/ ADG (Mov) 
     75 % concession in domestic flights by Indian Airlines to war & Zila/Rajya Sainik 
     widows          Board 
4   Rail Travel Concession      CW-3/ ADG (Mov) 
     (a)75 % concession for travel in second and sleeper classes & Zila/Rajya Sainik 
     to war widows.     Board 
     (b)1st class/2nd AC/3rd AC/Chair Car complimentary card    
     pass facility to travel by Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi express    
     trains to widows of posthumous gallantry awardees of chakra    
     series (PVC, MVC, VrC, AC, KC & SC) alongwith a companion,    
     has also been extended to widows of the recipient of the gallantry    
     award on death of the awardee.        
5   Reservation of seats in professional institutes     Zila/Rajta Sainik 
6   Priority in Telephone connection     CW-3/ Zila/Rajya 
     No installation fee 50% concession on rental charges Sainik Board 
7   Allotment of oil product agencies under the 8% defence quota Director General of 
8 Education Concessions from MOD  AG’s Branch (CW-3)
  Full re-imbursement of tuition fee, transportation charges and 
  hotel charges for those studying in boarding schools and colleges. 
  Re-imbursement of cost of books/stationery @ Rs. 1000/- per 
  annum per student or the amount claimed by the students, 
  whichever is less, cost of uniform where compulsory upto Rs. 
  1700/- during the 1st year and Rs. 700/- for the subsequent years 
  and cost of clothing @ Rs. 500/- for the 1st year and Rs. 300/- 
  for the subsequent years. The above education concession will 
  be upto and inclusive of the 1st degree course for eldest two 
  children only.  
9 Retention  of  Govt.  married  accommodation  for  2  yearsQMG Branch
  extendable upto 3 years & 6 months at Govt. rates. 
10 Death cum Retirement GratuityBased onCDA (P) Allahabad
    length of 


 S/NoDescription Amount Entitled Processed by 
1 Disability Element     CDA (P) 
   (a)  Pre Jan 2006 Retirees : Disabled     
   pensioners have been granted modified       
   parity at 30% of minimum of pay band       
   + grade pay + MSP for 100% disability.       
   For lesser percentage of disability, pro-       
   rata reduction in disability element.       
   (b)  Retired on or after 01 Jan 2006 :       
   Disability  element  is  admissible  on       
   retirement/invalidment  fordisability