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Financial Assistance Provided By The KSB Through AFFDF/RMDF/DMACP

Financial Assistance From Armed Forces Flag Day Fund

1.Health care: For serious ailments financial assistance of up to 90% and 75% of maximum Rs.1,25,000/- for PBOR and officers respectively, is being provided by KSB to the non pensioners only. Rs. 75000/- per year is provided by dialysis and cancer. Details are as follows:-

(a)The Financial Assistance neither to non pensioners ESM/widows/dependants who are neither re-employed nor in receipt of any Financial Assistance from any other sources. The serious diseases for treatment of which financial assistance is provided are:-

Bypass surgery, angiography, Angioplasty, open-heart surgery, valve replacement, pace maker, implant,kidney/rental transplant.90% and 75% of the authorized expenditure in case of JCOs/OR and officers respectively up to Rs. 1,25,000/
Stroke, arterial surgery, Prostrate surgery and total joint Replacement–do-
Cancer/spastic paraplegic, dialysis.Maximum of Rs. 75000/- per year.


An undertaking will have to be given by the applicant availing the medical

assistance/grant from RMDF/AFFDF as follows:-

“I (Name_________ (Rank)_________ (No.)__________ have clearly understood theprovisions/guidelines of RMDF/AFFDF that these are not reimbursement schemes and are merely ex-gratia grants meant for medical assistance/grants to the maximum amount of Rs. 30,000/- and Rs. 1.0 lakh respectively and I will not resort to any litigation in any courtto claim the full reimbursement of his treatment.”

2. Disabilities: There are quite a few ESM who become disabled during action or due to accidents and other causes and are invalided out from service. These ESM are provided special medical care and trained to become self-reliant. The care and rehabilitation is undertaken in specialized institutions supported financial by KSB. These are:
   (a)     Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centres (PRC) at Kirkee and Mohali:
     (i)     Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centres at Kirkee and Mohali with a capacity of 80 and 30         beds respectively are being run for rehabilitation of paraplegic and Tetraplegic Ex-Servicemen. The institutes are autonomous in their functioning and all decisions regarding pay and   allowances of the staff, Board of Trustees/Managing Committee takes management of the   establishment and expenditure on inmates.

     (ii)     A lump sum annual grant of Rs.9,60,750/- for PPH Kirkee and Rs. 4,34,375/- for PPH                
Mohali is being granted for upkeep of the establishment by KSE and also provides Rs. 14,600/- p.a. per inmates.

(b)St. Dunstans’s After Care Organization: St. Dunstans’s Organization was formed to provide psychological support to overcome the devastating shock of blindness as well as to impart vocational training to blinded Ex-Servicemen, to enable them to find a place in the society and to set them up in their homes and also after care services. The administration is looked after by the After Care Organization under the overall control of the Sub-committee at Dehradun. Sub-Area Commander, Dehradun is its Chairman. Presently Rs. 14 lac is provided as annual budget from KSB.

(c)Cheshire Homes: Cheshire Homes look after leprosy patients, mentally handicapped patients and chronic spastic/paraplegic and TB patients. The grants provided by the KSB to Cheshire Homes/Raphael Ryder International Centre have been standardized to have uniformity across all the establishment. The grants are as follows.

(i)Cheshire Home, Delhi

(ii)Raphael Ryder international
            Cheshire Home, Dehradun                              Rs. 9000/- p.a. per inmate

(iii)Cheshire Home, Lucknow

(d) Indian Red Cross Society: KSB pays to Indian Red Cross Society for welfare Services provided by the society to sick and wounded servicemen/Ex-servicemen in the Armed Forces Hospitals. An annual grant of Rs. 6.5 lakh has been earmarked for the Society.

3.     Supply of Honda Active (self started) scooter to ESM Paraplegics: The
KSB provides Honda Activa (Self started) Scooter to the disabled ESM with 50% or more disability attributable to Military Service and if advised by the medical authorities. All requests for the above be forwarded to the KSB for consideration.

4.     Tool Kit for Ex-servicemen Technicians: Out of Armed Forces Flag Day
Fund tool kits are provided against a cost not exceeding Rs. 2000/-

5.     Grant to Training-cum-Productions Centres in Military Hospitals and other places: Annual grants are given to hospitals and other places for rehabilitation and training of Ex-servicemen.


6.     All India Gorkha Ex-servicemen Welfare Organization, Dehradun: The All India Gorkha    Ex-servicemen Welfare Association (AIGEWA) was established in 1950 by the British to collect funds for the rehabilitation of soldiers who were to be demobilized after the end of the war. The fund of AIGEWA was amalgamated with Armed Forces Flag Day Fund on 13 April, 1993. Presently, the said Association is being provided an annual grant of Rs. 8 lakh per year from Armed Forces Flag Day Fund.
7.    War memorials hostels: The War memorial Hostels were constructed with a view to provide shelter to the children of War widows, War-disabled, attributable cases. Location of War memorials Hostels in States./UTs is detailed at Appendix ‘H’ Each Regt. Centre has provided non-recurring grant For construction and furnishing of WMH. Recurring grants are provided to the WMH for wards of Defence personnel @ Rs. 9000/- and Rs. 450/- p.m. for attributable and non-attributable cases respectively. Admission to WMH is open to the wards of all Defence personnel including those of Navy and Air Force in the following priority.

(a)Wards of war Widows

(b)Wards of War Disabled

(c)Wards of attributable cases                  @ Rs. 900/-

(d) Wards of non attributable cases (death in service due to harness) @
Rs. 450/-

8.     Sharing cost of construction of Sainik Rest Houses: The basic aim of constructing a Sainik Rest House is to provide suitable & cheap accommodation to the Ex-servicemen during their short visit to the State Capital/Distt HQs for settlement of their pension cases and other matter like availing the facilities of CSD Canteens, Hospital etc. KSB shares with the State Government 50% of the cost of construction of Sainik Rest Houses. The SRH is thereafter required to be maintained by generating funds from all sources and help from the State Governments. At present there are 296 Sainik Rest Houses in the country. Location of these is given at Appendix ‘K’

9.     Expenditure in installing FAX machines in RSBs: KSB provide funds to the tune of 50% for the cost of a Fax machine, for each States Department of Sainik Welfare, provided the respective State Government also share50% of the cost.

10.     Expenditure is installing computers/printers in RSBs: KSB provide funds to the tune of 50% for the cost of a personal computer and printer for each Department of Sainik Welfare provided the respective State Government also share 50% of the cost.

11,     Financial Assistance from Raksha Mantri’s Discretionary Fund (RMDF): The financial assistance to be provided to needy Ex-servicemen, widow and their wards from RMDF for various purposes as indicated below:-

Purpose of GrantAmount(Rs.)Eligibility
Penury Grant: one time grant for all categories30,000 
Penury Grant for all Old ESM and Disabled Children ESM/Widows in penury500/- pmNON-PENSIONERS
Staying at home (above 75 years)Staying at home (above 70 years)-certificate old home age required.Children of Ex-servicemen with 100% disability-grant on yearly basis based on certification by military hospital.  
Monthly Grant to Old and Infirm:Assistance to Old and Infirm Ex-servicemen for 2 years.2000/- 
Medical Grant: for non ECHS Members:-30,000/-(Max)       UP TO HAVILDAR AND THEIR EQUIVALENT IN NAVY AND AIR FORCE    
House Repairs Grant: ESM/widows in Penury or 100% disabled Ex-servicemenOrphan daughter of ESM of all categories (only one daughter)20,000/-
Funeral Allowance: to widows.5000/-
Marriage Grant:16,000/-
Daughters of ESM/widows all CategoriesWidow’s re-marriage      UP TO HAVILDAR AND THEIR EQUIVALENT IN NAVY AND AIR FORCE                  
Education Grant: Widow and Children (2 children)Upto plus 2Upto Graduation Vocational Training-Full cost of training (one time Grant)Cost of books/stationery (once in year two be claimed along with education grant)Upto one child joining Defence Officers training Institutes like NDA/IMA for the duration of the training.      400/-pm600/-pm20,000/-pm(Max)   1000/- per year  1000/-pm      
Orphan grant: on yearly basisDaughter of Ex-servicemen of all categories up to marriage 21 years of age whichever is earlier.One son of Ex-servicemen of all categories up to class XII or 18 years of age whichever is earlier.1000/-pm

       (a)     Pensioner ESM including Widows up to the rank of Havildar & equivalent and             non pensioners ESM/Widows.
     (b)     ESM/Widows/Dependents not in receipt of fix medical allowance but expend more than     Rs. 2,400/- on the present treatment for which the assistance is sought (In case of medical      grant).
      (c)     PBOR and their widows provided they have not got assistance from other source (In case of     medical grant).
      (d)     All case involving accidents (In case of medical grant).
      (e)     World War II veterans and their widows who are not in the receipt of any financial      assistance/old age/World War veterans pension scheme from the respective State      Government.
      (f)      Certificate from the Zilla Sainik Board that no financial assistance is provided from State     Government or any other source.

How to Apply:
    The applicant should submit his/her application along with FCR form to the concerned RSB/ZSB.    THE BANK ACCOUNT NO. MUST BE REFLECTED IN THE FCR.

     Note -Application form and FCR are available at RSBs/ZSBs

            Documents required:
(a)Attested copy of discharge book.

(b)Ex-servicemen/Widow Identity Card.

(c)Ownership Certificate (In case of house repair).

(d)Death Certificate (In case of funeral grant).

(e)Dependents Certificate (In case of orphan daughter of ESM).

(f)Certificate from Village Sarpanch/Registrar, Birth certificate of bride, Ration Card and marriage Invitation card (In case of marriage grant).

(g)Certificate from Military Hospital with reason for not reporting there for treatment.(In case of medical grant).

    (h) Certificate from AGI/AFGI whether any similar assistance provided or not. (In case                        medical grant).

(h)Copy of discharge certificate from hospital. (In case of medical grant).

(i)Bonafide certificate from school. (In case of education grant).

(j)Bank Account No.


Conditions for grant of benefit- To avail the benefits under the Fund:-
(a)An ex-servicemen shall be of Goan origin or
(b) The address in his/her discharge certificate at the time of retirement/release is in the state of Goa as his/her permanent address or
(c)Have 15 years continuous residence either before joining the Armed Forces or after retirement/release in the State of Goa.

(a)An Ex-servicemen whose character at the time of discharge is assessed below fair or who is convicted by a criminal court for serious offences thereafter shall not be eligible for the benefits accruing from the Fund.

(b)Benefits from the Fund shall not be claimed by ex-servicemen or their dependants as a matter of right and each case shall be decided on its own merits.
The ceiling for Grants of assistance will be as under:-

(i)There will be no ceiling on income for scholarship Grant. This grant will be given for course of study undertaken at Institutions which are recognized the State and Central Government and UGC.

(ii)There will be no ceiling on income of special scholarship, provided that the ward of ex-servicemen/widow has passed the examination from recognized school and conducted by recognized Boards.

(iii)There will be no ceiling on income for lumpsum grant on death Ex-servicemen, financial assistance to disabled wards of ex-servicemen, daughter’s marriage grant and pocket money to ex-servicemen/widows who are suffering from cancer, TB, Leprosy and Kidney ailments, and one time grant on attaining the age of 75 years. These grants will only be given to Ex-service Personnel Below Officer Rank.

(iv)The grant to encourage Government/Public Sector servants Goans to join Territorial Army will have no income ceiling and will be applicable to civilians as well.

(v)Financial assistance grants to non-pensioners ex-servicemen will have income ceiling of Rs. 36,000/- per annum. This grant will be given to ex-servicemen and their widows who are not in receipt of any kind of pension.

(vi)Spot payment will be provided to ex-servicemen or to their widows who are in extreme penury and in an emergency by Secretary, Department of Sainik Welfare.

(vii)Sports award, War Jagir allowance, disabled grant and financial assistance to orphaned ward will be provided to all Ex-servicemen/widows without any income criteria.

(viii)Reimbursements on purchase of medical aids will be provided to non -pensioners Ex-servicemen/widows only.

(ix)Medical reimbursements for general disease is applicable to the non-pensioners/widows whose annual income from all the sources should be Rs.5000/- or less

(x)Financial assistance on purchase of sewing machine will be provided to the widows of Ex-servicemen below officer rank and unmarried daughters of Ex-servicemen/widows who are over 30 years of age.

(xi)Reimbursements of legal fees will be provided to Ex-servicemen/widows whose annual income is Rs.50000/- or less

(xii)Reimbursement of expenditure incurred on any special measures will be determined by State Managing Committee based on the merits of each case.