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Benefits Provided by AIR HQs


  1. TATA Defence Welfare Corpus Scheme.TATA Defence Welfare CorpusScheme was created under the aegis of Army Central Welfare Fund to provide grant for higher education to widows and children of service personnel killed in operations and wives and children of service personnel disabled in operations and all armed conflicts. The maximum tenure of grants is five years in each case and is as follows:


(i) Higher education grant
Tuition Fee + Rs. 5,000/- for
(iii)Computer Sciencebooks subject to a maximum
(iv)Management Studiesof Rs.40,000/-
(v) Legal StudiesLegal Studies
(vi) Vocational studiesVocational studies


(i)Class I to XIIRs. 5,000/-
(ii)GraduationRs. 8,000/- + Rs.2,000/- for books
(iii)Post GraduationRs.10,000/- + Rs.5,000/- for books


(i)BE (IT) & BE (Computer)1stRs. 25,000/-
2ndRs. 25,000/-
(ii)MBA/MCA 1st Rs. 20,000/-
2nd Rs. 10,000/-
(iii)BHM 1st Rs. 12,000/-
2nd Rs. 8,000/-

2. Mobility equipment. Financial assistance for purchase of mobility equip-ment to disabled soldiers such as motorized scooter, wheel chair or Artificial Limb is

45 up to Rs.50,000/-. The applications for grant is required to be made on prescribed proforma to Dte of PS, through Zila Sainik Boards. The details of the scheme, if required can be had from Dte of PS at Air Headquarters.

3.Post Retirement Insurance Cover (2005)


Eligibility: All officers, Airmen and NCs (E) retiring/proceeding on release includingthose discharged on medical grounds w.e.f. 31 Mar 05 with serving/retiring pen-sion will be eligible for the membership of scheme.

Note:Full cover is for 15 years from the date of retirement and 50% of full coverupto the age of 72 years, whichever is earlier.

4.Retired personnel Investment Scheme

(a)          Retired personnel and NoK of deceased AF personnel are eligible to become member of this scheme.

(b)         Schemes          :               cumulative & non cumulative

(c)         Deposits           :               Initially for 3 years

Renewal for 1/2/3 years (optional)

Min Rs.30,000 – Maximum upto retirement

Benefits in multiples of Rs.10,000

(d)          Rate of interest is declared every year based on earning of the so-ciety. For current year the rate of interest on Cumulative Scheme is 9.5% and for non-cumulative 9.5%.

(e)          Tax is deducted at source as prescribed by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) unless form 15H is submitted.

(f)           Premature withdrawal permissible for any unforeseen commitments.

(g)          Loans against FD is permissible upto the extent of 75% of deposite


it amount, the rate of interest will be charged 1% higher the rate declared on Non-Cumulative Scheme. Present rate of interest is 10.2% pa.

  1. House Building LoanPersonnel retiring with less then 10 years of left overservice can opt to repay during their service period plus 10 years after retirement. They are required to deposit the outstanding loan amount plus 10% extra as on date of retirement in Retirement Personnel Investment Scheme (RPIS) of Air Force Group Insurance Society and remit the loan EMI directly to AFGIS.
  2. Financial Assistance to World War II Veterans/Widows IAFBA extends

financial assistance to World War II veterans, widows who are aged and living in penury. Under this scheme, monthly grant subject to a maximum of Rs. 2,000/- pm is paid till life.

  1. Dwelling Units and Housing Subsidy for WidowsThe aim of the schemeis to alleviate the sufferings of the widows of serving personnel who die in accident. w.e.f. 01 Oct 2008 the housing subsidy has been enhanced to Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 2 lakhs is admissible to the bereaved wife of the officer and Airmen/NCs (E) for acquiring dwelling unit from AFNHB/AWHO/Civil Housing Scheme/Private build-ers and self construction. The subsidy is funded by AFGIS/IAFBA/AFWWA(C) and CWF in ratio of 60:20:10:10 respectively. The application should be addressed to Secretary, AFGIS, Subroto Park, New Delhi – 110010.


  1. The details of the schemes run by AFWWA are enumerated as under:

(a) Ex-Gratia Payment for Widow’s RehabilitationEx-gratia payments asdeath grant of Rs. 6,000 are paid to the member on demise of her husband. In the case of death while in service the grant is paid to the member in grief by the last unit or nearest unit (where widow is residing). The amount is reimbursed by AFWWA(C) for the member whose husbands die after retirement, this grant is paid by AFWWA(C) on receipt of an application from the widow.


(b) AFWWA Pension.An amount of Rs. 1,000/- p.m. for six months ispaid as AFWWA Pension to the widow who is a member of AFWWA and whose husband dies while in service. The last unit pays the amount of Rs. 6,000/- in one lump sum, which is reimbursed by AFFWA(C) subsequently.

(c) Wedding Grant.An amount of Rs. 7,000/- is given as a grant for mar-riage of one child of a widow who is a member of the AFWWA on receipt of application by AFWWA(C) alongwith the Wedding Card and a certificate from the Registrar of Marriage/Village Panchayat. In case if it is not feasible to get the certificate from the Registrar/Panchayat, an Air Force Officer may authenticate the application.

(d) Rehabilitation of Widows of NCs (E).Widows of those NCs (E) who diewhile in service and intend to resettle themselves by tailoring/stitching etc. are eligible for an award of sewing machine. An application for the grant of sewing machine is to be made to the President AFWWA (L) of the last unit. An amount not exceeding Rs. 5,000/- is reimbursed by AFWWA(C) to the unit. The eligibility conditions for sanction of sewing machine will be as follows:

(i) An AFWWA member who is the wife of an NC (E) who dies while in service after 01 Jan 91.

(ii) The lady should give an undertaking that she is not in receipt of sewing machine of grant for sewing machine from any other welfare organization.

(e) Medical Assistance.AFWWA members whose husband is boarded out onmedical grounds not attributable to service is given a one time grant of Rs. 10,000/-to be paid by the last unit of her husband. The amount is reimbursed to AFWWA

(L) by AFWWA(C) as well as concerned AFFWA (R) by sharing the expenditure equally.

(f) Dwelling unit of Widows.Housing subsidy of Rs. 3 lakhs for widowof Airmen is provided from Non-public Funds for acquiring the Dwelling Unit constructed by AFNHB/AWHO/Civil Housing Schemes/Private builders and self


construction. Subsidised dwelling unit cannot be sold for 10 years. AFWWA pays 10% of subsidy. The application should be addressed to Secretary, AFGIS, Subroto Park New Delhi – 110010.


(i) General.Rules of eligibility framed by State Govts, Housing Board,Development Authorities Improvement Trusts or similar bodies entrusted with the work of development of land for housing or for construction of houses in a station by whatever description these may be known, would be over-riding.

(ii) Eligibility.The following shall be eligible to register for an AFNHBscheme in the order of priority and sub-priority as given below:-


(aa) Widows of Air Force and Naval personnel who die in action.

(ab) Widows of Air Force and Naval personnel who die in harness.


(aa) Serving and re-employed officers, airmen and sailors of Air Force and Navy who have no prior allotment in any AFNHB schemes.

(ab) Serving Short Service Commissioned Officers of Air Force and Navy, who have no prior allotment in any AFNHB.


(aa) Widows of retired Air Force and Naval personnel who are in receipt of family pension.

(ab) Retired Air Force and Naval Officers, Airmen & Sailors who are in receipt of pension.


(aa) Serving Air Force & Naval personnel and their widows who are allot-tees of an AFNHB scheme.


(ab) Retired Air Force & Naval personnel and their widow in receipt of

(ac) AFNHB staff who have completed 10 years of continues service in AFNHB and who have not been allotted by DU in any AFNHB scheme; restricted to one DU in their entire service career.

(g) Placement ServicesA placement website (afwwaservices.co.in) has beenlaunched to assist the members for availing jobs.

(h) Educational ScholarshipFinancial assistance by way of scholarship isgranted to one child of a widow for a period of six years or till the completion of studies, whichever is earlier. The mother of the child should be a life member of AFWWA. The application on prescribed form duly recommended by the School/ College authorities is to be submitted to AFWWA(C) for the award of scholarship. The rates of the scholarships are as follows:

(i) School going day scholars Rs.150/- p.m.

(ii) School going boarders Rs. 250/- p.m.

(iii) College going day scholars & Boarders Rs. 250/- p.m.

(iv) College going borders for Medical & Engg CourseRs. 450/- p.m.

(j) Scholarship for Professional/Technical Courses.Sixty children of servingOfficers, Airmen and NCs (E) who are not in receipt of any other scholarship, are given financial assistance of Rs.5,000/- (one time only) by AFWWA for engineering & Medical courses. The eligibility conditions and the main criteria for grant of the scholarship are:

(i) Mother of the child should be an AFWWA member.

(ii) The child should have secured 80% and above marks in the qualifying exam i.e. 12th and has taken admission in Medical/Engg courses.

(iii) Perference will be given to girl child.

(iv) Financial status of the family will be taken into consideration. Appli-cation on prescribed form is to be submitted to AFWWA(C) through AFFWWA (R) latest by 30 November every year. Twelve scholarships are reserved for children to Air Force Officer.


(k) Educational Scholarship for children of NCs(E)Every year 60 childrenof serving NCs(E) are given scholarships @ Rs. 150 p.m. per child. The eligibility conditions for award of the scholarship are as follows:-

(i) Mother of the child should be an AFWWA member.

(ii) The child should be studying in a class above 5th std & upto 12th std only.

(iii) The child should be studying in recognized school or an Air Force School.

(iv) Only one child per family is eligible.

(v) The student should not be in receipt of any other scholarship/freeship from any other Welfare Organization/Institution.

The application on prescribed form is to be submitted to AFFWWA (C) through AFWW (R) latest by 30 September every year.

(l) AFWWA Silver Jubilee ScholarshipThe scholarship @ Rs.150/- p.m. fortwo years i.e. for class 11th & 12th are given to the children of AFWWA members who score 85% marks & above based on the CBSE result of Class 10th Std. How-ever, continuation of scholarship will depend upon the progress made by child, if the child scores more than 75% marks in 11th std.

(m) Scholarship for Vocational TrainingThis scholarship in lump sum ofRs.4,800/-, as one time grant, is awarded to the widow/children of deceased Air Force personnel undergoing Vocational Training in a Recognized Institute (Diploma/Certificate course of not less than six months). The widow should be an AFWWA member. The application should be forwarded to AFWWA (Central) through AFWWA (R)s alongwith proof of admission in the institute. The expendi-ture will be borne equally by respective AFWWA (R) and |AFWWA(C).

(n) Canberra ScholarshipThe scholarships are awarded to two studentsstudying in Class-XI & XII and are restricted to the children of Airmen serving in 106 SRS. The scholarship amount is Rs.3000/- per student p.a. which is given once


a year. OC 106 SRS assists in the selection of children and forwards the names to AFWWA(C) in the month of August every year.

(o) Late Air Chief Marshal PC Lal Memorial Scholarship.The scholarship@ Rs.1000/- (lump sum) as one time grant is awarded to one Disabled student, ward of serving AF personnel. The application is to be submitted to AFWWA (R) latest by 30th September every year. The eligibility conditions are as follows:

(i) Mother of the child should be an AFWWA member.

(ii) The student should have passed 12th Std and obtained admission for graduation in a recognised college.

(iii) Medical certificate of handicapped child from competent authorities.

(iv) The application is to be submitted to AFWWA(C) through AFWWA (R) latest by 30th September every year.

(p) Late Flt Lt MS Sarin Memorial Scholarship.Two scholarships @ Rs.1200/-p.a. are awarded to two handicapped children (one boy and one girl) of airmen who are studying in Special Wing of AFGJI, Delhi. The period of scholarship is one year. The scholarship is awarded during Annual General Body Meeting of the Association on the recommendation received from AFGJI. The names selected by AFGJI should reach AFWWA(C) by 30th September every year.

(q) Late Wg Cdr AS Puranik Memorial Scholarship.This scholarship isawarded @ Rs.2500/- to a student of standard IXth onwards till completion of studies. The ward should be a child of serving Airman/NC(E). The application is to be submitted to AFWWA(C) through AFWWA(R) latest by 31st August.

(r) Late Mrs Amarjeet Kaur Memorial ScholarshipA scholarship has beeninstituted in memory of Late Mrs Amarjeet Kaur. An amount of Rs. 8,500/- as one time grant will be given to two special children of the Umeed Vocational Centre (Special Wing, AFGJI). Administrator of Umeed will recommend names of deserv-ing students latest by 31 August to AFWWA(C).


(s) Scholarship for Sportsmen/ArtistsA scholarship has been instituted foroutstanding sportsman and artist at Central Level for the children of serving Air Force personnel who excelled at National Level and get 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. The rates and eligibility criteria for the scholarship are as follows:

(i) Rates.

1st – Rs. 10,000/-2nd – Rs. 5,000/-3rd – Rs. 3,000/-

(ii) Criteria.

(aa) The mother of the child should be a Life Member of AFWWA. (ab) The child should be excelled at National Level.

(ac) The duration of scholarship is one year only.

The application is to be submitted to AFWWA(C) through AFWW (R) latest by 31 August every year.

  1. Contact for AssistanceFor further details and assistance Hony Jt Secyat any AFWWA Regional/Local may be contacted. Hony Jt Secy AFWWA (Central) may be approached at the following address if considered necessary.

Hony Jt Secretary, AFWWA(C)

Santushti Shopping Complex

New Wellington Camp, Opp Ashok/Samrat Hotel

Race Course, AF Station New Delhi – 110 003

Tele: 011-26878099

Fax: 011-24104681

E-mail: afwwa@bol.net.in