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Financial Assistance provided by DSW through Special Fund

  1. Financial Assistance to Non-Pensioners: Financial assistance of Rs. 2500/- is provided to Ex-servicemen / widows who are not in receipt of pension and in indigent circumstances.
  2. Daughter’s Marriage Grant: Rs. 20,000/- for ESM and 30,000/- for widows is provided as daughter’s marriage grant to Ex-servicemen/widows.
  3. Lumpsum Grant on death of Ex-servicemen: Rs. 10000/- is provided to the Spouse/dependent of the Ex-servicemen as Lump sum grant on death of Ex-servicemen.
  4. One time grant on attaining the age of 60, 75 and 90 years to Ex-servicemen Personnel Below Officer Rank: One time grant of Rs. 5000/- on attaining the age of 60 years, Rs. 10,000/- on attaining the age of 75 years and Rs. 25,000/- on attaining the age of 90 years are provided to Ex-servicemen (PBOR).
  5. Financial assistance to Ex-servicemen/Widows who are having destitute / disabled / handicapped ward: Rs. 2500/- p.m. is provided to Ex-servicemen/ Widows who are having destitute/disabled/handicapped ward.
  6. Reimbursement of Travel/lncidental Expenses : Rs. 5,000/- or actual expenses can be reimbursed by the Ex-servicemen, Widows/Spouse for Travel/lncidental Expenses moving from local hospital to out station hospital.
  7. Pocket Money for Cancer, TB, Leprosy and Kidney Ailment: Rs. 3000/- p.m. is provided as pocket money for Cancer, TB, Leprosy patients and Kidney ailment.
  8. Reimbursement of expenses for purchase of medical aids: Reimbursement of expenses in full or partial amount is provided on purchase of medical aids like, Spectacles, Hearing Aids, Hernia belt, Collar for spondilytis, Cataract lenses to non-pensioner Ex-servicemen/widows subject to medical aids prescribed by Government or service hospital.
  9. Medical reimbursement: Rs. 25,000/- or actual expense is provided to non-pensioner Ex-servicemen/widows for general diseases/purchase of medicines prescribed by Government/Service hospitals as per income criteria.
  10. Scholarship awards / incentives: Scholarship awards/incentives are provided to the wards of Ex-servicemen/Widows, as per the scheme.
  11. Special scholarship: Special scholarship of Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- per month is provided to the wards of Ex-servicemen/widows obtaining 80% and 90% and above marks respectively in classes X for a period of two years .
  12. Sports Award: Rs. 5000/- is provided to the wards of Ex-servicemen/Widows representing Goa State in National/lnternational Sports Tournaments.
  13. Spot Payment: Rs. 2000/- is provided as Spot payment for immediate relief to the needy/destitute Ex-servicemen/widows.
  14. War Jagir Allowance: Rs. 15000/- as ‘War Jagir Allowance” is provided to parents of wards, who join any of the three Defence Services in any rank.
  15. House Repair Grant: Rs. 20,000/- is provided to Ex-servicemen/ widows as House Repair Grant in deserving cases as per income criteria.
  16. One time grant on joining the Territorial Army: To encourage Govt./Public Sector servants and Goans, an amount of Rs. 9000/- is provided for any candidate who joins as Officer and Rs. 5000/- who joins as Personnel Below Officer Rank in Territorial Army.
  17. Legal Reimbursement: Rs. 10,000/- is reimbursed to Ex-servicemen/ widows as a special case on production of legal bill and whose annual income from all sources is less than Rs. 50,000 per annum.
  18. Financial Assistance for purchase of Sewing Machine: Rs. 3000/– or 50% of the cost of sewing machine whichever is less is provided to the widow or unmarried daughter of Ex-servicemen/widows above 30 years of age for purchase of sewing machine.
  19. Financial Assistance to Disabled Ex-servicemen: Rs 2500/- p.m. is provided to the Ex-servicemen who are disabled after retirement/release from Service and having minimum 40% permanent disability for life.
  20. Financial Assistance to Orphan ward: Rs. 2500/- p.m. is provided to the Orphan ward of Ex-servicemen / widows till the attaining the age of 25 years.